The Oxford International Institute for Documentary and Drama in Conflict Transformation


Q:  Who is eligible?
A:  The competition is open to all adult (over 16) non-professional writers.  Non-professional means those writers who do not derive more than 50% of their annual income directly from their creative writing endeavours and/or who are non-union status.

Q:  How many scripts can I submit?
A:  You may submit one (1) script in each of our two contest categories (stage and screen) for a total of two (2) scripts per year.

Q: How do I submit my work?
A:  You must submit four (4) printed and bound copies of your manuscript along with the official cover page.  Also, include an electronic version of your script on floppy disc or CD -- manuscripts will NOT be accepted via e-mail.  See the Submission Guidelines document at below left for further information.

Q:  What are the fees involved?
A:  We have a suggested donation of US$10-$15.

Q:  When does the contest end?
A:  All scripts and other required materials must be post-marked no later than August 1, 2010.

Your question(s) not answered?  Send us an e-mail at oxdocs@gmail.com and we'll be happy to help! 


The OxDocs Annual Festival of New Work is an international competition intended to showcase promising and/or persistent talent in non-fiction writing for stage and screen.  In particular, the contest seeks to provide a platform  for screenwriters and playwrights whose work focuses on improving cultural understanding and insight across and within divided communities, such as those suffering from intractable conflict around cultural, religious, ethihc, racial, or gender-related issues.  The format or genre for which we are currently soliciting submissions is non-fiction drama (testimonial, real-life narrative or ethnographic) for stage plays and long-form documentary (30-90 minutes) for film and television scripts.

Contest opens April 2010 and closes August 1, 2010.

See below for submission guidelines, application cover sheet and legal release.

Everything you need to apply to the OxDocs Annual Festival of New Work is right here!  Download all the information and forms you need to enter the competition.  All documents are in PDF.  You will need Adobe Reader to open the documents.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download the FREE software at www.adobe.com.

Submission Guidelines
This document outlines who is eligible, how to submit your work, contest rules and policies, contest judging criteria, contest prizes and awards, and special information on the Tony McAuley Award for New Writers in Social Justice Documentary.

Download the file here:

OxDocs Institute Submission Guidelines and Policies 2009-2010

Submission Application and Legal Forms
This document is a 2-in-1!  The first part is the Submission Application Form which will act as your cover page.  This is where you let us know who you are, what you're submitting, how to contact you, and information on how and where to send your completed work.  The second part is the required Release from Liability form.  This form lets us know that you are the sole author of the work you are submitting, that you have all necessary permissions, consents, licences, etc. in regards to the content of your work, that you will comply with the rules and conditions of the contest, that you agree to hold OxDocs harmless in any issues related to slander or libel, that you agree to abide by the decisions of the OxDocs judges in matters relating to awards, and that you release OxDocs to use excerpts of your work for purposes of promoting the contest.  Please remember to PRINT your name neatly and then sign and date.  For participants under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must sign.

Download the file here:

OxDocs Festival Application and Liability Release Form 2009-2010

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